Slip Resistance Testing

English XL - Click to EnlargeFalls are the most frequently occurring, yet preventable, loss or injury producing event.

In order to assess the slip resistance of walking surfaces, we utilize the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer or VIT.

This state-of-the-art piece of equipment mimics the natural movements that occur in human walking.  The dynamic action of the English XL allows for accurate measurement of slip resistance on either wet or dry surfaces, unlike drag sled type instruments.  Drag sled instruments are inappropriate for use on wet or contaminated surfaces because of the phenomenon known as "sticktion". The residence time of the drag sled instrument’s test foot with the wet or contaminated surface before the slipping force is applied leads to a bonding between the two, known as sticktion.  Sticktion produces erroneous test results.

All testing is performed by Christopher Janson, a Certified XL Tribometrist (CXLT). A CXLT must pass a written examination and demonstrate proper technique and competence with the English XL VIT. In order to maintain this certification, continual work in the field and ongoing education must be documented and approved on a 3 year cycle.

Testing and analysis is performed using recognized standards including:

  • ASTM F1679: Standard Test Method for Using a Variable Incidence Tribometer (VIT)
  • ASTM F2048: Standard Practice for Reporting Slip Resistance Test Results
  • ANSI A1264.2: Provision of Slip Resistance on Walking/Working Surfaces

Please contact us regarding field testing or the testing of your materials at our location.